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16.06.2013 00:00:25
Markus (bei GR: gaymark)
Hi Boys!

War heute das erste Mal bei Euch im Geschäft.

Schöne Atmosphäre und super Beratung. :-)))

Vielen Dank. Komme wieder!

Liebe Grüße

06.05.2012 14:11:41
ken & patrick
Just to say a BIG tahank you Apartment perfect, had a great time
28.10.2011 06:01:39
Alan Jones
Thank you Ingor and the team for my wonderful stay in Hambug earlier this month. The accomodation was wonderful and you shop is tops!!!

When I am settled in back home I want to order some boots on line ( rubber ) but I shall just settle in back in Australia and think of the wonderful time in Germany and Hamburg in particular.

Thank you for everything!

07.10.2011 22:00:27
Tarik. Sarajevo/Bosnien
Great web site and offer, I hope to be able to visit you once! Only pitty that 2nd hand articles are not delivered by post too, maybe an exception should be made for customers who are far from Germany
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